intelligent space planning, design-led approach

Lea Banwell, Owner and Design Director

Award winning, design-led approach 

That’s how I work across all styles of interior design from Contemporary to Classic Contemporary, Eclectic to Funky, Traditional to Transitional, Safari to Garden, Country to Asian to Tuscany.

I design intelligent spaces and strive to reflect your personalised style or meet the potential buyer’s expectations. And always to achieve that ‘high end’ effect within your budget confines.

After sixteen years in the industry for private clients and their specific needs, I’ve developed a keen eye for details and having worked in 7 different countries and cultures have an in-depth knowledge on how to mix materials, colours, styles, lines and accents with a twist. And how to make you smile both during and after the whole process.

I was awarded the prestigious Label Meribel three times for interior design, attention to detail and architectural integrity for chalets and lodges in The French Alps.

I believe that intelligent space planning is a vital component of appeal and have applied tis to all my clients’ investment and residential properties.

Here in the UK, I continue to work with property investors and owner occupied clients.

Please call me on +44 77 8681 5736 or email if you’d like a FREE friendly 15 minutes  interior design consultation.

Space Enhancers

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