How to create a favourable impression on a budget

Home make over

Do you sometimes wish for a home make over or think your home is looking a bit tired? You can create a favourable designer impression for a surprisingly low cost by following the steps below:

  • replacing wardrobe doors
  • switching or buying new wall art and ornamental displays
  • matching lampshades and scatter cushions colours with wall art
  • updating chair seat covers
  • replacing curtains with blinds or shutters
  • adding new display shelves to draw the eye

A fresher style

This client desired a refreshed design when he moved into a new flat in North West London. I had to work with the original sofas and his wall art leaned to the more traditional. There was also a lack of ornamental displays, so I set to work with all the above points in mind.

And 2 weeks later he had a newly designed interior! The 🔑 is to purchase in-stock items if you want a fast turn around. The one exception was the bespoke shutters which could take between six to twelve weeks from order to installation.

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redesiging a living room on a budget
Team the colours and style in a large painting with select furnishings
william court living 2
Create a natural break through to bedrooms and entrance hall with a contrast colour, the dark wood cabinet and dark floor vase to complete the look

william court living 3

william court hallway
New display shelves in entrance hallway, revarnished furniture to integrate  with corridor in living room
william court bedroom
Follow the design style through to bedrooms. Floating glass shelves used to avoid ‘crowding’ the entrance

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