wooden side table with mixed ornamental items

Design led approach

Combine shapes and sizes to create a focal point

Focal points are not limited to a large painted wall or display art. You can put any amount of shapes or sizes together to draw the eye and create individual focal points throughout your home.

Light up a dark corner with a reflective, glossy item like a large floor vase. Designer wall paper for entire or part of a wall. A central tiled area in the hallway, kitchen or bathroom. Displaying a combo of  glass, ceramics and wooden ornaments on a coffee table or side board, stripes and squares for accents.


Ensure that you have a few good quality items in the mix. For example, Bosch appliances and marble counter top with medium price range kitchen cabinets. Spend money on a wonderful coffee table or rug. A silk throw on the bed and a stunning hallway mirror.

Keep-in minders

Tall and small items for corners, 3-5 shapes and sizes on a coffee table, round and squares on walls, traditional and contemporary items together. Different patterns of fabric and furniture too! Some examples below for you.

Please email me with any questions.


Narrow, thin, contemporary and tradintional shapes combined to offset each other
Narrow and primary colours contemporary paintings offset with traditional chair
wooden side table with mixed ornamental items
Wooden side table with glass and chrome lamp coupled with ceramic and china bowls
rectangle breakfast bar
Rectangle Quartz breakfast bar with curved leather and chrome stools that offset the narrow bar
different shapes of furniture, wall hangings and mirrors
Combined wooden shapes furniture display


custom made bedheads
Patterns, stripes and block fabrics make the perfect dressing for a bed
interior design - natural materials
Geometric pattern with vertical lines pattern fabrics on nursery chairs complement the colours and shapes of the original Italian tiles floor
glass bowls bkk
Dining table display, coloured galss bowls in a row
la maison decorations
Christmas centre table display

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