Redesign in Camden

Reconfiguring space through design

It’s incredible how limited space we have in most London flats.  Yet so much of it is wasted. With a little reconfiguration and no extension, we created two spacious bedrooms, a bathroom and new kitchen, from an original one bed flat.

As plain and neutral as it looks, it was designed for a contemporary effect and the addition of a second bedroom gave my client a £50,000 profit and was sold within two weeks of being on the market.

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Before kitchen - Kentish Town
Before: Small, outdated kitchen
camden old kitchen
Before: Wall separating kitchen and living room where we reconfigured the new doorway to kitchen
After: Larger space by reconfiguring doorway with wider entrance through hallway.

Before and After: New and old bathroom.

Raised floor to accommodate old plumbing and built-in wardrobe to make this into a comfortable 2nd bedroom by moving original bathroom wall back 6″.
interior design
Refurbished wooden floors, french windows and decluttering revitalised the living room to feed the imagination of the potential buyer.


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