Residential Pad on the Shad

Contemporary style Bachelor’s Pad, London Bridge

The design concept

Single solid colour with contrasting red brick feature wall, dark wood floors. Sleek, clean lines sofa and a large glossy display cabinet. At the other end of the room sits a glossy white with grey accent kitchen.

This contemporary interior design style totally reflected the personality of this client. It was a great space to work with and to imagine the designed result.

The design details

I needed to maximise the light and work around existing industrial style pillars. This was achieved by expanding the size of the existing terrace doors, use of dark floors to add depth and light reflecting wall and ceiling paints. A white and dark grey, open planned kitchen with a breakfast bar as the room separator.

A natural stone textured wall with black tiles and mood lighting was applied in the resized master bathroom to carry through the desired bachelor’s pad interior design concept.

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Space Enhancers

redesigned interior
Larger terrace doors, walnut floors, clean lines fabric furniture combined with wood table and leather beanbag, exposed brick wall and light reflecting paint.
Contrasting shapes and colour in white kitchen
The breakfast bar provides a stylish divider to the entrance area

Wardrobe and display cabinet facades

Dark slate floor tile, black gloss wall tiles, and ambient lighting  achieved a really cool look

Header Image: Shad Thames, Robbin Hamman


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