Intelligent design with no compromise

Maximalism – interior designing a 38SqM space

Have you had to ask yourself what you can do with a 38 SqM space?  My design concentrated on making the most of this small space.

My builder and I walked into a fairly dark and badly lit space with a coat cupboard size kitchen area and a living room that took up 75% of the entire space. I initially thought ‘what a challenge this is going to be’ but that sentiment soon changed.

It was a sunny day and my inspiration came from the sunlight that we had left behind when we enter this basement flat.

  • A large room utilising the 75% living space  was not being put to good use.
  • My space planning included a stylish eat-in kitchen and modern living area, without blocking any of the natural light coming from the two larger windows.
  • The incredibly small kitchen area was converted into a utility room.
  • An update of the master  bed and shower room completed the interior design.

Tip: If you have a small space, think about how you can use light.

If you’d like to discuss lighting further, please call me on +447786815736.

Space Enhancers

34 before Reception 2
Before: Living room and kitchen
After: Eat in galley kitchen offset by a lit glass wall and live in TV room
34 before Bathroom
Before: Bathroom
After: Modern style shower room with storage
grove pk before
Before: Massively small kitchen
grove park kitchen
After: Galley, open plan kitchen


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