design inspiration

Designed by Nature

Nature’s colours inspires!

Interior design inspiration, be it from a landscape or a glass of Champagne

We’ve all thought at some point that our kitchens need updating. So when I was contacted to redesign a cramped galley kitchen with no room for extending but needed more storage space, I had to begin with a clean canvas. Interior design inspiration came from looking at some landscape images.

Champagne and gloss design

Slightly cold reflective colours recede yet throw light back with a glossy surface. So I sourced a high gloss Champagne Grey colour cabinets with matt nickel handles. A white surround counter top made the kitchen look wider. And, narrow base cabinets placed in previously unused spaces added more storage. The one thing that I spent money was on a showcase faucet as I needed a focal point. Result – designed the room to draw the eye to the large window, thereby adding depth to a visually widened room.

Tip: For a galley kitchen always have a focal point spanning the end of the room.

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