Time Out and Living etc salute

Designed for a longer stay

Due to guests’ demand for a slightly more affordable family style chalet, where they can book a longer stay, we went on to design a second lodge but on a lower budget than the the operators’ flagship chalet.

Why stray from a proven concept? So we found a ready built chalet and followed the typical architectural style but designed in more opulent way. Use of complementary vibrant and muted colours, exotic Thai accents and quality 5 star bed linens, towels and bathrobes provided the feeling of an affordable quality without compromise. The business was later sold.

UK journalists were invited to stay with us to critique our new offering. Here’s what they had to say.

 Living etc – Best For….

“A boutique hotel experience with B&B-style intimacy”

Time Out – Ski breaks – Le Lycene Blue

“…..Boutique hotel look. Le Lycene stands out from other hotels and chalets I’ve previously stayed in for its genuine homeliness”

Tip: Expensive personal items and inexpensive international fitting and decorative ornaments result in a unique quality look and feel.

If you would like to chat further please ping me an email.

Space Enhancers


French Alps - luxury dining/living rooms
Snug as featured in Vogue as well

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